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The Fascaldi History

Tom Fascaldi started doing plumbing in 1928 and was the first in the family to become a plumber. His son Louis Sr. Came into plumbing in 1948, and became master plumber #1647 in New York City and throughout Nassau County. He was the founder of Haron plumbing that has 10 trucks running in New York City and Westchester County. Louis' oldest son Tom Fascaldi came into plumbing and started businesses in Williston Park under the name of Fascaldi Plumbing. Eventually the two businesses became too large and merged into Haron Plumbing.

Louis Fascaldi Jr. is the youngest son of Louis Sr., and opened another shop in Long Island working throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Although at age 82, Louis Sr. doesn’t do physical plumbing work, he plays an important role in the company as the senior advisor. We have the knowledge of 66 years of plumbing from the old methods to the modern ways of doing work and modern equipment to assist us. With the Fascaldi family living through a depression and good times, they realized the importance of giving people the benefit of fair prices and excellent workmanship.

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