Heating Systems

Rheem’s heating systems are implemented to allow for comfort in your home or business, no matter the weather. By having a heat pump, it will adjust depending on the temperature outside. When it’s warmer outside, the heat pump will take in heat from your home or business to make sure your house is nice and cool. On colder days, the heat pump is able to take in heat from outside so you can stay warm.

Rheem’s heating system is advanced and efficient so your home or business will be able to regulate the temperature inside depending on the weather outside. This way, your family and company won’t have to worry about being too hot or too cold!

In the event that you need help implementing or are having issues with your heating system, Fascaldi Plumbing is here to help, as our team is trained to help setup, fix and restore your heating system.

We have experience dealing with countless projects, both residential and commercial, and have the top equipment and technology to give you the best customer experience possible.

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Tom Fascaldi started doing plumbing in 1928 and was the first in the family to become a plumber. His son Louis Sr. Came into plumbing in 1948, and became master plumber #1647 in New York City and throughout Nassau County.