Sewer/Drain Clogs

Fascaldi Plumbing offers services to fit all your plumbing and sewer/drain clogs needs.

Fascaldi Plumbing can help you when your drains start to slow down. This occurs because your sewer and drain pipes are starting to harden, which starts to take place when the pipes are not in use.

Fascaldi Plumbing will implement a snake into your system in order to create a hole in your pipes. The size of this hole will depend on how your current system is running, as the goal of the snake is to create more of a flow for your pipes.

For drain cleaners, it is necessary to have one that isn’t acidic enough to kill your pipes and endanger you and your family, or the environment. Your drain cleaner will help eat the build-up present in your current waste system.

How to Prevent your Drain from clogging

Avoid putting these items down your drain:

  • Any non-organic material
  • Starchy Foods, such as pasta, potatoes and beans
  • Coffee grounds
  • Oils

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Tom Fascaldi started doing plumbing in 1928 and was the first in the family to become a plumber. His son Louis Sr. Came into plumbing in 1948, and became master plumber #1647 in New York City and throughout Nassau County.